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Hi, I am Jacen Ulfric. I ran 2 Spartan Races during the 2017 season, with 5 coming up in 2018. I discovered Fit Four at my first Spartan Sprint and bought their Spartan OCR Slit Grip glove (pictured below).

The feature that stuck out to me at first was the wrist wrap. Instead of one solid piece, the wrap is actually split down the middle. This way, you can wear a watch or fitness band without sacrificing comfort or functionality of the overall glove. The wrap itself is made from an expandable material that offers support for your wrists and will not limit your range of motion, which is perfect for adapting between obstacles.

The design is a fingerless and thumbless fit, which prevents much of the bunching that you might get with other gloves. This gives a free range of motion for your thumb and fingers to grip anything from monkey bars to the bottom of barrels. Speaking of grip, the palm of the glove is leather with a silicone honeycomb design around the calluses and base of the fingers. This makes it perfect for bucket carries and the Hercules Hoist, though I have found some struggle keeping a tight grip on monkey bars, as my hands to slide and bunch around the glove. Overall, it is a great glove for any conditions you may face at an OCR event.

Since then, I have also purchased their Spartan OCR Neo Grip gloves (pictured below).


The first difference is the design of these gloves. They do not feature a wrist wrap, as the Slit Grips. Their focus is as callus protectors and more, I feel, as a training glove. They are denser than the Slit Grips, as they have a compression fit support band that hugs to the sides of the palms. The Neo Grip, as the name may imply, is made from a rubber lined high-density neoprene, while the underside is the same silicone honeycomb grip as the Slit Grips.

While I have not raced with these gloves yet, they have been useful in multiple OCR style bootcamps. The added thickness and grip have done wonders during the lifting and pulling movements that we do. Where I have found some difficulty is that the Neo Grip do tend to move around on the hand when you grip monkey bars and rings. I have also found, with my job as a yoga instructor, they allow for more grip when doing poses on a mat or keeping you grounded while pushing up through your burpees.

As a breakdown, here is where I see these gloves. They are both great products and useful to any type of OCR that you are looking to compete in. The Neo Grip is incredibly durable and easy to take on and off, yet I feel it has more of a place during training at your favorite OCR gym or bootcamp. The Slit Grip, being thinner and more protective with the wrist strap, is more suited to race day. They are lighter and feel like they aren’t even there. Either would make a fine addition to your OCR gear.

Head over to the Fit Four website and check them out for yourself. Fit Four also makes gloves specifically for weightlifting and other fitness based goals. Be sure to use the code ‘ashenprince10’ to save 10% on every checkout. AROO.


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