• WELCOME TO CAMP MCCOY: Your Newest OCR Destination For Summer 2020!

Written By: Katie Purcell


Welp unfortunately #coronavirus is still a thing...and if you are reading this and had any plans for this coming summer...especially obstacle-course-race-themed plans...it is likely that at least some of them have been cancelled (if not all of them.) In recent news, Ragnar Relay announced the cancellation of all of their remaining in-person 2020 events, and Spartan announced the cancellation of their Killington race weekend and also the 24 hour Ultra World Championship.

...Ouch.  (Is this real life??)

So, it's understandable that repeated news like this would leave a lot of us feeling something like this:

meme me watching all my 2020 summer plans get cancelled

...But F.I.T. Challenge Race Director Robb McCoy wasn't having it (see image below).

FIT Challenge Race Director Robb McCoy wearing aviator sunglasses

You all remember F.I.T. Challenge, right? Winner of the Mud Run Guide annual awards (a.k.a. "The Muddies") given to the "Best Of" in OCR....4 years in a row?? 

Well Robb decided that the current situation isn't okay: what with everyone's events and plans they'd been looking forward to being cancelled. He wanted to give people a place to go where they would be able to train on some awesome obstacles...and it just so happens that he had some handy...because F.I.T Challenge.

FIT Challenge OCR obstacles

...So he put a bunch of them up in his backyard in North Attleboro, MA...and he's opening it up for the summer!


This Sounds Great! So What's The Deal? What Is Camp McCoy All About?

More details will evolve as times goes on, based on feedback from Camp McCoy attendees. As of now, this newly-formed, permanent outdoor OCR facility consists of: 

💪 3 road loops of 1.2 miles + 3 obstacle loops for a total of 3.1 miles and 30+ obstacles
💪 $20 gets you access all day: to a WOD with a visiting OCR coach, "Open Obstacle" time to play on obstacles, and the opportunity to master obstacle technique with insider tips from industry experts! 
💪 Also Available: Run an official "Time Trial" of yourself in action to compare with fellow campers!

...and oh yeah: there will be swag too, OF COURSE!

  Finishers at Camp McCoy by FIT Challenge OCR event in MA

What Are The Obstacles At Camp McCoy?

Robb guarantees that you will get a real OCR challenge out of the course: rest assured that these are legit obstacles good enough to appear at any OCR Race Day.

The current lineup of obstacles includes:

💪 Devil's Playground
💪 Gibbons
💪 Double Up's
💪 Rope Climb
💪 Cargo Net
💪 Hercules Hoist
💪 Teeter Totter
💪 Rope Monkey Bars (see image below!)
💪 Cargo Crawl
💪 Tire Drag

Camp McCoy OCR training facility obstacles

I Want To Hear More About All These Awesome Camp McCoy Activities!

According to Robb, the types and structure of the activities are largely based on you and what you want to do to get the most out of your time at Camp McCoy. Here is a general guideline to the suggested activities:

💪 Classes: Classes will be 60 minutes, and based on Functional Fitness with an emphasis on obstacle technique. They will always include practice on the actual obstacles, and/or there will be "Open Obstacle" time included for anyone who wants additional practice and access to one-on-one coaching and tips from the coaches themselves! See below for an example of the schedule for a typical day. 

💪 Open Obstacle Time: Can't make it in time for class, or just want to work on the obstacles and skip the time trials? That works too! Drop by between 11am-5pm every Saturday or Sunday to work on your obstacle technique so you'll be ready to crush it once racing is back in full swing!

💪Time Trials: Time Trials are done one person at a time, so you've got the whole course to yourself. So far the average time to finish is approx. 56 minutes, and fastest time is 34:27...contact Camp McCoy to give it a try and see how you stack up!
Camp McCoy OCR sample schedule

Speaking Of Activities...Did Someone Say..."Ultra"?? Because I'm Pretty Sure I Heard Someone Say "Ultra." 

...An "Ultra" format is definitely a possibility if enough people show an interest in it, and according to Robb, "the sky's the limit" in terms of what that could include! Here are a few possibilities, to spark your imagination:

💪 A 5 mile loop in AMLAP format, similar to what Obstacle Racing Media did for their "UltraVirus" Virtual Event
💪 Multiple, spaced-out, pop-up tents provided: for participants to use as designated Pit Area
💪 All 11 obstacles included, with additional distance around local area to get each loop to equal 5 miles
💪 As Necessary: Staggered start times to keep participants spaced out 
💪 Participant data will be recorded in some trackable way (e.g., fitness apps or tracking software like Strava, submitted by participants), but Finisher Info will be largely based on honor system

...But it is up to you! Show your interest and share the idea with friends to make it happen.

Instagram review of Camp McCoy OCR event in MA

I Love Everything I'm Hearing. But What Is Camp McCoy planning to do to stay "socially distant"? Will They Enforce Rules?

Your safety is the Number 1 Priority. Camp McCoy wants all visitors to feel comfortable and like they are in a safe environment, and so there will be certain protocol in place in an effort to mitigate risk of exposure. More details will be posted on the Camp McCoy page, but guidelines will include precautions like the following:

🦠 Number Of People: Monitoring number of camp attendees allowed per day, and staggering attendance or spacing participants out (e.g., spacing out class participants from each other, or separating obstacle work by splitting into small groups of people assigned to practice one obstacle at a time). To ensure that numbers stay in a safe range and that you will have plenty of space to be adequately socially distanced: email campmccoy@fitchallenge.org to set up your visit!

🦠 Cleanliness: Hand sanitizer will be readily available: participants are encouraged to sanitize upon arrival/check-in, between obstacle stations, and after touching obstacles. Hand sanitizer will also be available at each obstacle station. And don't lick your hands!
🦠 Social Distancing: This is up to the discretion of the individual: Camp McCoy will not be enforcing participants to maintain a certain distance from each other while on the property. Participants are encouraged to wear masks if it makes them feel more comfortable but are not required to wear masks while on the property: and any social shaming/pressure to wear a mask may result in the participant being asked to leave the facility. Because the idea is to use your best judgement and have fun! 

    Please note that these guidelines may also evolve as necessary in response to feedback from camp attendees. Above all remember to be respectful of others: respectful of their space, respectful of their beliefs, and respectful not to force your beliefs on them. Camp McCoy is meant to be an inclusive space where everyone can feel safe, and have fun doing some kicks obstacles! 

    Camp McCoy OCR event in MA by FIT Challenge


    Who has tried out Camp McCoy? What is the feedback so far?

    Those who have tried it seem to agree: Camp McCoy has a cool backyard, intimate feel... while still being full of world class obstacles, and seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

    It's a fun, unique opportunity to reconnect with some of your #OCRsquad and explore a new obstacle setup, with the peace of mind that you've got plenty of space to play in a safe/socially responsible environment.

    Sounds pretty good to me, but don't take MY word for it...here's what some of the participants had to say!


    "When Robb told me about how he was setting up an Obstacle Course around his house, I knew this was going to be special. Camp McCoy is exactly what the New England OCR scene needs during the time of COVID. Between the challenging and innovative F.I.T. Challenge obstacles, the diverse variety of training classes and opportunities, and the proactive safety and health precautions throughout the grounds, Camp McCoy offers racers a breath of fresh air and the obstacle excitement we need to survive the uncertainty of 2020."

    -Megan Beck, (a.k.a., The OCR Trainer)


    "Camp McCoy was an awesome day. Got to play around on some crazy obstacles like Gibbons and the Devil's Playground; Robb is a great host as well. He even provided us with a Fire Jump!"

    -George Kappus


    "Thank you, Robb McCoy, for giving us this chance again. The chance to run, jump, climb, and crawl. The chance to flex my biceps. The chance to hang something heavy around my neck and proclaim myself the ultimate badass."

    -Chey Goncalves


    "Robb has created a challenging short course (.15 miles) with 13 fun, challenging obstacles: before heading out for a pavement run (1+ miles). The novice to elite will have fun navigating it and get to see fellow OCR fanatics doing what we love."

    -John Brown

    Camp McCoy permanent outdoor obstacle course facility by F.I.T. Challenge

    Sign Me up! How do I make a reservation? do I just show up? what are the hours? location?

    The concept is simple: the goal is to have fun reconnecting and training...without letting Covid-19 stop you! But for some actual deets, read below:

    💪 Specific events will be posted on the Camp McCoy Facebook page, and more may be added so be sure to check back regularly!
    💪 There are currently 2 official events scheduled for the "Camp McCoy F.I.T. 5k": July 11 & 12
    💪 3.1 miles, 24 obstacles
    💪 Strict limit of 40 people per day: with 5 people starting each hour
    💪 Hand sanitizer at every obstacle 
    💪 NO penalties for missing an obstacle or mandatory obstacle completion
    💪 Event is self-timed: the goal of this event is to encourage you to get outside and get moving!
    💪 ...Can't make it to the July 11-12 weekend? No problem! You can show up on any Saturday or Sunday from 11am-5pm! Space is limited: send an email to campmccoy@fitchallenge.org to set up your visit.


    Camp McCoy Address:
    294 High Street
    North Attleboro, MA


    With the roller coaster of events continuing to unfold during this new "coronavirus" era, it's pretty unclear if...or when...things might ever go back to "normal": and I mean that both in terms of OCR AND regarding society in general.

    All we can do is our best every day: to hold onto the things that give our lives meaning, and maintain our connection to the positive people - and influences - in our lives. We are definitely living through a crazy time in history...but that doesn't mean we should stop making memories!

    So go check out Camp McCoy sometime this summer. Spend time with some OCR people who "get you," and relive the thrill of what it feels like to master an obstacle. With any luck, you'll have a killer day: and reconnect with the community, support, and FUN that OCR is all about.


      LIVE FIERCE.  

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