My First Spartan Race: Because Everyone Remembers Their First Time...

Maybe your first race was a "Stadion Race" back in the day when it was still called a "Stadium Race." Or better yet, maybe you were lucky enough to run back in the days when Spartan Race still had "gladiators" at the Finish Line. OR...maybe you just started this season.

If you fit into any of those categories...or anything in between...we'd love to hear about it! Because everyone remembers their first Race Day...


Dan Simmons, Race Photographer

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Being an OCR photographer is the most rewarding experience of my life. As with most experiences that one views as meaningful, this one comes with tremendous demands. It begins in the state I call home.


It's the Spartan Vermont Beast Weekend in the Fall of 2014, and I have just landed a place on the Spartan photography team. After a 4:30am alarm, lots of good coffee, and a ride up the mountain, I find myself on the slopes of Killington Ski Resort. It rained overnight: it's muddy, foggy, and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. I am covering the Dunk Wall.


For hours I shoot racers popping out of the water and rubbing their eyes, until well after sunset. Navigating the trail back to the Festival Area I am in awe when I see the twinkling of  Ultra racers' headlamps coming up to the Finish Line: after a 6am Start they are navigating the last few yards of the course to complete the event and earn their buckle.


It is indeed a challenge to be among a select group of OCR photographers. We are required to have a newer model camera and back up, multiple lenses, food, water, rain gear, and a will to work 12 to 14 hours with constant alertness for the next great athlete photo. Short of lightning, rain or shine, northeasters or gusts, we will be there. We will rarely have time to eat, drink or use the facilities during a race. Yet, we do this happily because we wish only to see you be successful at your amazing endeavors. For me personally, this is my greatest joy. If I can inspire you with positivity or a kind word to achieve your goals then I too have become successful.



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