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We know that picking out what you need can be overwhelming. How many carbs do I need? How much protein? When do I need electrolytes? Are mustard packets really the best way to combat cramping?? (Spoiler: no, they are not.)


We have put together this outline to help you navigate how to use the products we carry. While athletes’ needs vary depending on dietary needs and preferences, the following is a guideline to help you get started and highlight how/when each product might be most helpful to you.

These recommendations are based on a combination of: usage suggestions by the product manufacturers themselves, advice from registered nutritionists, and what we have heard works from athletes themselves.

Note: We know that some athletes prefer to feel like they’re eating “real food” or like they “have something to chew” during an event, rather than liquids or gels which are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream for more immediate energy. So we have included a section called “If you’re feeling snacky” which includes our more substantial/solid products. 


As a rule of thumb, every 45-60 minutes aim to consume roughly 100-300 calories, which should be predominantly carbs (and remember sugar is a carbohydrate…yum!)

  • Hydration:
    • Tailwind Endurance Fuel (drink mix to help with hydration/electrolytes & salt replenishment)
    • Nuun (drink mix to help with hydration/electrolytes & salt replenishment)
    • Oral IV (triggers hydration – 1 shot every 2-3 hours WITH water)
    • Pickle Juice (consume at the onset of muscular discomfort to stop muscle cramps)
  • SaltStick Caps or Fastchews (for electrolytes & salt replenishment. This can be a good choice if you are not as good at monitoring a steady level of hydration to ensure the Tailwind or Nuun drink mixes are performing optimally. A saltstick Cap or Fastchew every 30 minutes or so can give a similar benefit.)
  • Elite Ops Energy Strips (quick caffeine)
  • Honey Stinger Gels (for a quick energy burst)
  • Honey Stinger Chews (for a quick energy burst)
  • Huma Gels (for a quick energy burst)
  • UnTapped Pure Maple Syrup (for a quick energy burst)
  • UnTapped Pure Maple Syrup with Coffee (for a quick energy burst PLUS caffeine)
  • Frog Fuel Ultra Energized  (8g protein and caffeine) or Frog Fuel Ultra (8g protein, no caffeine)
  • If you’re feeling snacky:
    • Rip Van Wafels (for a quick energy burst)
    • UnTapped Waffles (for a quick energy burst)
    • Noosh Almond Butter (packets are small enough that the fat shouldn’t weigh you down too much, and if that’s what you like to eat, go for it!)
    • Picky Bars (have a great balance of 4:1 carbs: protein, but some racers find them too heavy to eat during an event.)
    • Munk Pack Protein Cookies (note: these have 18 grams of protein per cookie and feel “heavy” and like “real food”, so they are a good choice if you want to take a snack break, or to have in a drop bin!)



Again: this is totally dependent on individual participants needs and corresponds to your level of fitness, how long it takes you to finish the course, and other factors. This is a good starting point, but listen to your body and tweak accordingly.

 Level 1 Race (Up to 5 Miles)

Level 2 Race (5-10 Miles)

Level 3 Race (Over 10 Miles)

  Be sure to double check usage guides for all products to determine quantity/serving recommendations and estimate the best fit for your particular needs. And remember: don’t try anything new on race day!


For more tips on how to fuel your body before, during, and after extensive exercise or a race, including a discussion of carbs vs. protein and electrolytes, check out the following blog posts written for us by Full Pursuit Health!



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