Established in 2016, OCR Buddy is a mobile calendar and social platform designed to streamline planning and maintaining your obstacle course race schedule. It is the ONLY mobile calendar for OCR, and a must-have for any obstacle course race participant – from the newbie to the elite! Nearly every obstacle course race in the USA (and dozens of other countries) can be quickly perused at the press of a button and organized in a sleek, user-friendly profile. It is also a social platform allowing users to find each other and compare race schedules. For the first time OCR participants can go to one place to see all OCRs organized by date and location, regardless of brand. 


Want to get 3 Spartan Race trifectas  and the Savage Race syndicate medal, but don’t want to double book races? Want to try 3 new race series but need to know when and where they are occurring so nothing overlaps? Trying to coordinate your race schedule with 3 other people, or with your Race Team, and don’t know what events everyone will be attending? The OCR Buddy database contains thousands of races all in one spot for a quick back-and-forth comparison. Similar to Facebook it also makes it easy to see what races your “buddies” and race teams are planning to attend, to aid in coordination efforts. 


There are 5 main sections in OCR Buddy that you can navigate to from the Homepage:

  1. Find An Event: The calendar section allows you to search for races based on several different search criteria (including Country, Region, Length of race, Buddies participating, etc.) and quickly see at-a-glance on the calendar (or in list form) which events you are registered to participate in.
  2. Find A Team: Several teams are listed in OCR Buddy, and you can join a team you race with. You will be able to see which events members of that team are registered to run, and which of your “buddies” will be there. If your team is not on the current OCR Buddy list, you can add it!
  3. My Profile: Your profile is similar to a Facebook profile page: other OCR Buddy users can see whatever information you want to share including your photo, links to social media profiles, events attending, and teams you are on. Your profile is private unless you agree to another user’s “Buddy” request.
  4. My Events: This is the list of ONLY events that you are registered for or have participated in (different from what you see on the “Find An Event” page which includes all events). At this time you can manually enter your results for the events you participate in, but in the future this may be updated automatically.
  5. My Buddies: Other OCR Buddy users are searchable by name or email address. When a user becomes your “buddy” you can see their profile with whatever they choose to share on it, as well as the events they are attending. When browsing events users will also be able to see how many other users/buddies have registered for that event.


As of this writing, there are over 2,100 different brands that have been included in OCR Buddy since its inception. (And no, that’s not a typo!) This ranges from the Big Name Brands (e.g., Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Savage Race) all the way down to your local 5k. It includes events from over 50 countries, all around the world.

And it is always expanding! One cool feature of OCR Buddy is the ability to ADD an event if you see one that is not yet part of the database. You can submit the event to be added and you will receive a notification upon approval.


That’s a great question! Although we can’t give away TOO MUCH at this time, we have some BIG things in the pipeline for the 2019 OCR season. At Fierce Gear OCR we are always looking for great brands to partner with in order to help both our brands grow and to get YOU, the athlete, more of what you need. We are super psyched for the big things ahead. What we CAN say is that you having OCR Buddy is an INTEGRAL part of this next BIG offering…so if you’re on the fence, download it today! It’s only $2 for a LIFETIME membership.


OCR Buddy currently runs on iOS and Android mobile phones. OCR Buddy can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play. Simply enter “OCR Buddy” in the search bar or click the links above.



Look forward to a big announcement coming in the next few weeks, and until then, we will be hosting a few giveaways together on Instagram on the Fierce Gear OCR and Pretty Fierce Spartan accounts, so keep your eyes peeled!




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