What Is Dragon Obstacle Course Race?

Established in 2017, Dragon Obstacle Race is a 5k with a mix of 20 fun and challenging obstacles, located in North Carolina. It is the brainchild of avid obstacle course racer Charles Bailey who has competed in dozens of events including Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Bonefrog, Rugged Maniac, Warrior Dash, Savage Race, and more. His passion for the sport is what drove him to create a race of his own, and he has plans to continue to create bigger and better obstacles with each new event.

How Does It Work? 

This race differs from other OCRs in that, as of now, there is no Competitive wave! There are Open Waves only and the obstacles are not mandatory obstacle completion: racers may attempt each obstacle as many times as they wish, or move on without penalty. It truly is a race for the fun of OCR, promoting cooperation and a team spirit. But don't let that fool you: some of the obstacles will challenge even the most experienced participants! You can check out a few of the obstacles here . There is also a one-mile course for the kids! Bailey plans to add an Elite/Competitive heat in the future so stay tuned. 

How Is Fierce Gear OCR Involved?

As a new business in the OCR industry ourselves, we are thrilled to be working with Dragon Obstacle Race for the 2018 season, and want to pass that excitement on to YOU! In the spirit of synergy and small business owners helping each other, we have put our heads together and designed a Dragon OCR nutrition bundle of products selected by the race owner Charles Bailey himself! Click here to check it out. 

He's Not Only In It For The Money, Honey

OCR is a sport increasing in popularity among a fan base of loyal participants, which presents a unique niche for those who know how to address the market. But the goal of striking it rich is not what planted the Dragon OCR seed in Charles' head, or why he is so committed to it. He is not working with a ton of capital of deep investor pockets to back him: as a matter of fact, if you ask Bailey about his race, he'll be one of the first to tell you proudly that he actually cashed in on his own 401k to fund his OCR venture. He has loved the spirit of obstacle course racing and encouraging participants from all incomes, nationalities, and races. He wants to give some of that back, both in a great race experience and also monetarily. Says Bailey, 

"Dragon Obstacle Course Race is not a huge corporation. I promise to re-invest back into the company each and every race, making bigger and better obstacles.  I will give a percent of my profit to charities and people in need.  Once Dragon OCR becomes very successful I plan on giving back to friends that have lost or sick children to help pay for their medical bills."

Dragon OCR is also a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Sounds Great! How Do I Sign Up? 

Click the link here to get more information on Dragon OCR's next event on September 15, or here to register! At checkout, put in code FIERCEGEAR20 for a 20% discount! We hope to see you there!



Click here to register for the Dragon OCR event September 15! 


Use code FIERCEGEAR20 for 20% off!



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