Why Should I Trust Fierce Gear OCR?

Why Should I Trust Fierce Gear OCR For My Training & Race Nutrition?

Well first of all, our founder is kind of a badass.

“Fierce Gear” is the brainchild of elite obstacle course racer Katie Purcell (a.k.a. Pretty Fierce Spartan).

OCR Street Cred:

  • Not a traditional athlete: Like many OCR athletes, Katie was not always an athlete: she knows what it means to take your life back with both hands and live it.
  • Networking all through the industry: Racing since 2013, Katie has made contacts and friends all across the OCR world. She knows the pain points of the industry: what OCR participants want and need.
  • Race results & experience: In her OCR career Katie has completed over 50 events and even been on the podium a few times (including at Spartan Race and the Bermuda Triple Challenge). She recently switched her focus to endurance events and has completed 3 Spartan Race Ultra Beasts with multiple Top 10 finishes. She's done it all, and wants to help you crush your fitness/OCR goals.
  • USAOCR: Katie is the Athlete Representative on the Executive Board of the USAOCR: the United States national governing body for obstacle course racing. 

    ...but Katie's not the only #FierceFam member. When it comes to official training or nutrition advice, Fierce Gear OCR also has a killer team of advisors and contributors including:

    • Certified nutritionists
    • Certified personal trainers (including Spartan Race SGX coaches)
    • OCR race owners
    • Nutrition product manufacturers 
    • Elite OCR athletes
    • OCR obstacle specialists


    ...No joke - this is stuff you can trust. Because we exist for one reason only, and that's to help YOU. Check out our shop and let us get you what YOU need to crush it out there. 

    Brand Declaration

    “Fierce” isn’t a brand. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an approach to everything you do. Whether or not you want to give it all you’ve got is up to you, but we’ve got the gear to get you to the next level. Take control and choose to live your life Fierce – however you define it. You’re here to find YOUR podium, and we’re here to give you the tools.
    Live Fierce.