Fierce Gear OCR Race Day Subscription Box FAQs

Answers to all your burning questions on the newest addition to Fierce Gear OCR: the Race Day Subscription Box. A fully customized subscription service based on exactly what YOU want for fuel on race day. If you're an obstacle course race junkie, you're not gonna want to miss out on this.  

Box Contents

What brands and products are available to put in the boxes?
You can add any brands or products we carry on our site to your boxes: with no minimums or restrictions! Brands include:

Rip Van Wafel                  Tailwind Nutrition

Nuun                                 Munk Pack

Honey Stinger                  VitalFit

Picky Bar                         SaltStick

Elite Ops                          Oral IV

Frog Fuel                         UnTapped

Huma Gel                        Noosh Brands

Pickle Juice                     SmashPack

If I want to change what's in my box, when do I need to do that by?: LOCK-IN DATES

Because we ship all your race fuel for the month together, the lock-in date for the entire month needs to be before that month's shipping date. You will see the required lock-in date for each race listed on your OCR Buddy app, but it is also here below for your reference. The lock-in dates for all races are as follows:

For Mar Races: lock in before 2/14
For April Races: lock in before 3/14
For May Races: lock in before 4/11
For June Races: lock in before 5/8
For July Races: lock in before 6/12
For Aug Races: lock in before 7/11
For Sept Races: lock in before 8/14
For Oct Races: lock in before 9/12
For Nov Races: lock in before 10/10
 For Dec Races: lock in before 11/13

Shipping & Delivery

How do I know my race day fuel will arrive in time for race day?

We will ship all your race fuel for the month together, in time for it to arrive before the first Thursday of the month to allow for race-cation travel days. Our shipping and delivery schedule is as follows:

March Races: Arrival by Thursday, 2/28
April Races: Arrival by Thursday, 4/4
May Races: Arrival by Thursday, 5/2
June Races: Arrival by Thursday, 5/30
July Races: Arrival by Thursday, 7/3
August Races: Arrival by Thursday, 8/1
September Races: Arrival by Thursday, 9/5
October Races: Arrival by Thursday, 10/3
November Races: Arrival by Thursday, 10/31
December Races: Arrival by Thursday, 12/5 

Payment Schedule

When will I be charged for my box?

You will be automatically charged for the month the day after your lock-in dates for that month. The automatic payment dates are as follows:

For Mar Races: lock in before 2/14, Payment 2/15
For April Races: lock in before 3/14, Payment 3/15
For May Races: lock in before 4/11, Payment 4/12
For June Races: lock in before 5/8, Payment 5/9
For July Races: lock in before 6/12, Payment 6/13
For Aug Races: lock in before 7/11, Payment 7/12
For Sept Races: lock in before 8/14, Payment 8/15
For Oct Races: lock in before 9/12, Payment 9/13
For Nov Races: lock in before 10/10, Payment 10/11
 For Dec Races: lock in before 11/13, Payment 11/14


Why Do I Have To Pay For Shipping?
We're not a huge online company working on razor-thin margins (not yet, anyway!) and cannot afford to absorb the cost of all shipping. HOWEVER: it is our policy to ship packages for free if the product value is over $45, so if your monthly box is valued at over $45 (depending on what products and quantities you place in each "Level" box, and how many races you are doing that month), we will waive the shipping fee for that month. Hooray! 
What is included in the Subscription Fee?

The real value of the Race Day Box comes from its convenience and customization. You can pick out anything you want from our site in any combination, with no restrictions minimum order quantities. All season long you can rest assured that exactly what you need will be in stock and show up on your doorstep. Additionally you can change what is in your boxes or cancel your subscription at any time. This level of customized service takes an increased level of planning and logistics, as well as all the behind-the-scenes database management and coding.