Race Fuel MVPs

Even when all the info is right in front of you, we know it's tough to sort through and pick out which product(s) you actually want to try out. If you have already checked out our Product Nutrition Guide and Best Sellers, and perused the articles on our Blog written by certified OCR nutritionists for info on what the body needs before/during/post race and you STILL want a little direction, here's a super-short list of top picks to point you in a direction.

Please note these are suggestions based on what has worked for us and customers/athletes we know of, and may not reflect what YOUR body needs during training/Race Day. So try stuff out, experiment, and see what works best for you!


"Tried & True": (Well-Known OCR Athlete Favorites):


Quick Pick-Me-Ups:


If You Only Want To Carry ONE Product During Your Race:


MVP (Most Valuable Protein):
  • Frog Fuel (rule of thumb: Ultra format for during exercise, Power format for either pre-workout or afterward for repair/recovery)




"Complete Profile Of "All You Need" Post-Race:


"Cool Super Foods"




Most "Portable" (aka Resealable):


Best "Bang For Your Buck":