It's finally here, and it's about damn time.

The Race Day Subscription Box

How would you feel if, for each OCR you run in 2019, you had a box delivered to your door full of the stuff you use to fuel on race day??

Customize your own "Race Day Boxes" including any of the products available at Fierce Gear OCR*, and we'll take care of the rest.

It's here. It's real. It's pretty freaking awesome.


*Click here for full list of brands available.

How It Works: Overview

Step 1: Dowload OCR Buddy App

Jus $2 for a lifetime subscription, and we will be able to see ALL the OCR events you register for all season long. You can choose which races you want a Race Day Box for.


Available at the App Store and Google Play.

Step 2: Build Your Box(es)

...Using any combination of products on our site. There is no minimum or maximum order value: we want you to order only the products that YOU want for your Race Day. You can change what is in your boxes at any time.


Level 1 Box: Race up to 5 miles

Level 2 Box: Race 5-10 miles

Level 3 Box: Race over 10 miles

Step 3: Special Delivery

Delivery right to your door, in plenty of time for Race Day, all season long. We ship your whole month of race fuel to you before the first Saturday of every month, giving you one less thing to worry about on Race Day.


You focus on the engine: let us focus on the fuel.


Delivered right to your door. No need to run to different stores to stock up/fill in. Fully YOU-nique: 100% customized to whatever you want with NO minimum order. Ability to cancel or change what is in your box at any time.

Peace of Mind

No need to worry about when you need to restock or if your fav products will be available - we've got you covered all season. Streamlined automatic billing so all you need to do is set it & forget it...freeing you up to do everything else that will help you find your podium.

Solid Info

100% By athletes, for athletes: solid advice and recos you can rely on from elite athletes and fitness/nutrition pros in the obstacle course race space. Not sure what you need? Leave it to us. Want a tweak but not sure what it is? We are happy to help.

How It Works: The Nitty Gritty

Pricing Structure

Because this is a fully customized service, we only want to charge you for what you want.

There are 3 components to the pricing:

  1. $8.50 Flat Fee For Shipping (charged per monthly box, unless the total monthly box order value is over $45. Any package with products valued at over $45 ships free!)
  2. $14.99 Subscription Fee (charged per monthly box)
  3. Cost of Goods: The cost of the actual products in the box we deliver to you, which will vary depending on how many races you are doing that month. Note: we do not upcharge our products for the RDB service: meaning all of the products cost exactly what they would if you ordered from our regular site.

Shipping Dates & Delivery

The boxes will be shipped out on a monthly basis and scheduled to arrive before the first Thursday of the month, to allow for race-cation travel days. This means you should receive the race fuel for your entire month all at once and in plenty of time before your first race that month.

For the full schedule of shipping and excepted delivery dates, see the RDB FAQs page here.


We use the highly regarded third party site Stripe, so your payment information is 100% secure. You give us your information once, and you will be automatically billed after each lock-in date for its corresponding month. For a full schedule of payment dates, see the RDB FAQs page here.

We get it - there's a lot to choose from.

Your Box - Your Way

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What People Are Saying

"Remember those infomercials 'set it and forget it'? Well...this is like that but better."

Josh R.

"I love that I can choose whatever I want - I always use everything I get because I chose what I'm getting!"

Jess S.

"Fierce Gear OCR has anything you could need for your OCR race and training nutrition!"

Thad S.

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