Who Is The #FierceFam Member?

At Fierce Gear OCR, we are always trying to learn more about our customers: we figure the better we know who you are and what you're doing, the better we can figure out how to get you what you need.
Below is a breakdown of information specifically about Fierce Gear OCR customers, taken from our email list (don't worry - all info was collected anonymously through an online survey that participants agreed to take).
We learned some pretty interesting stuff - check it out!

There is a concentration of #FierceFam members in the Northeast, but also a solid representation in the other regions of the USA. While we haven’t officially gone International yet, we already have customers in the UK as well!

 Many of you work out 5x per week or more: that’s crazy impressive! Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

3-4 Days Per Week: 33%

5-6 Days Per Week: 57%

Every Day: 7%

For the 2018 season you told us that Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, and Terrain Race are the most popular go-tos, but the #FierceFam will be running strong at a lot more race series than that! Here are a few other series that you told us you’ll be attending in 2018:

Bonefrog (21%)

F.I.T. Challenge (21%)

Rugged Maniac (21%)

Warrior Dash (21%)

City Challenge Race (18%)


At Fierce Gear OCR, our success is all about YOUR success. Thanks for letting us know more about who you are so we can continue to help you find your podium.






*Data sourced from Fierce Gear OCR email subscription list and is proprietary to Fierce Gear OCR. Infographic updated 06.18