Frog Fuel Power Protein: Liquid Protein Shot

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FrogFuel protein is really something special. Designed by Navy Seals and top professionals in the medical field, it is qualified as a "medical food" by the FDA due to its rapidly absorbed medical-grade liquid collagen protein, and has nearly 100% protein bioavailability. 

Fortified with glutamine, cysteine, histidine, methionine, threonine, and tryptophan...enhanced with taurine...and an added 80mg of caffeine to give you the kick in the butt that you need for energy and an increased metabolism. 

This product is 60 calories of straight protein in a killer berry flavor and is sugar, fat, gluten, and lactose-free. It contains NO banned substances, no GMOs, and no artificial flavors.


Cofounder Alex Kunz uses FrogFuel like this:

Pre-Race (or workout): Ultra Energized...warm the muscles up and get them ready to work

During Race (or workout): Ultra Regular...he prefers to skip the caffeine found in Ultra Energized but if you like caffeine, stick with Ultra Energized. 1 per hour of work.

Post Race (or workout): Power has higher protein content (15g vs. 8g in Ultra formats) to start your recovery right


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