Noosh Almond Butter Packet: Chocolate

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Finally, a delicious nut butter with all the taste and texture we love, but safe for those with peanut allergies!**

The Noosh recipe uses simple, all natural ingredients that create a smooth and silky texture you feel good about eating without sacrificing taste. By using the whole almond, they create the nutrition nature intended and give you the energy you need to power through whatever the day throws at you!


It's important to have healthy fats like this one with your meal about 2 hours before you start exercising. (More info on pre-race nutrition considerations in our blog post here). While your body doesn't necessarily need to refuel on fats during a race, some athletes report they want to feel like they are eating something "solid" during a longer endurance event and this can be a great option for that! For events that have a multi-lap option with a drop bin or a chance to rest/refuel, Noosh can really hit the spot! 



***Noosh Almond Butters do not contain peanuts and are made in a peanut-free facility. 

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