Oral IV: Hydration Shot

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While most hydration products target dehydration and the replacement of lost electrolytes, ORAL I.V. takes a proactive approach to increase the uptake and utilization of water, to keep you from getting dehydrated in the first place. It does this by rapidly activating your body’s potential to hydrate on a cellular level. (Trust us, there’s science involved.) It is not meant as a replacement for water, but rather a way to help your body absorb and use water it takes in more quickly and efficiently to keep you hydrated and working at optimal performance. Check out the video below for a video straight from the source!


Since Oral I.V. is meant to assist with the body’s overall hydration strategy – rather than a quick fix – it is recommended you take it before, during, and after exercise. It triggers your cells to hydrate more efficiently but is not a replacement for water: during activity 1 shot should be taken every 2-3 hours, along with water.



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